Day 2: Oakham, MA to North Hatfield, MA

We woke on the early side after a rather cold night, almost down to freezing point. We headed out round 10 after a short cold breakfast at camp. We stopped by our “landlord” to say thank you again for his hospitality. We even got to fill up out water bottles before started pedaling west towards Northampton, MA. Air warmed up fairly quickly by the sun, but ambient temperature stayed kinda low when the sun disappeared. No rain today either and the forecast shows no sign of precipitation even for the next 4-5 days, such a relief moving into the trip ahead. 


Jim, our “landlord” last night. He works around the world, but enjoys a bit of woodwork on his land when home.  

The roads took us through some very green and scenic landscapes, with small farms here and there. Some of the hills were hard though and a good prewarning of what is to come the next few days, moving into the Appalachias.   


After some riding on major roads like the MA9 it was nice to get out of traffic and travel along the Bay State Greenway, where no cars are allowed. Newly paved too..:)


We came into the city of Northampton after about 70km of riding and after crossing the Connecticut river. Here we took care of some business before we rendevouzed with Lynda and her father Marty in North Hatfield. Marty had prepared some good old school hamburgers with lots of asparages, a farm crop this part is well known for, excellent quality.

Tomorrow will offer more and harder hills to climbs, so all of us were happy to go to bed early. 


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