Day 3: North Hatfield, MA to Pittsfield, MA

Early rising today. Marty, Lynda’s dad was already hard at work cooking up a large breakfast, with loads of bacon, sausage and eggs. Perfect start for a biker with steep hills ahead. Before we took off, Marty demonstrated his patented wind turbine. This is a project since many years. According to Marty this turbine is the only one in the world which keeps on producing power even after 45 mph of windspeed. Marty, you rock!-) We thanked Marty for his generosity and headed out about 10.30. We cut across the mountains and ended up on our defined route, on MA9 West. The mountain road granted us with some gorgeous surroundings, with lush green forests, creeks and small farms. Absolutely beautiful! We rode thru Williamsburg and up the hills towards Goshen, Cummington, Windsor and Dalton, before ending in Pittsfield, MA, our goal of the day.
Steve, the owner of Creamery, the only store for miles on MA9. They carry an amazing amount of stuff and food. Alot of it is local, organic and made by good people.
In total we added about 85 km to our meters, over a total moving time of 4 hrs 12 min. We climbed 980 meter and dropped about 750 meters. Max gradient was 11%. Hills were plenty, add the bikebags and strong and cold northwest headwinds, it is no wonder why we were quick to sleep and slow to rise today. We found camp in Pittsfield State Forest, with friendly assistance by the rangers. It dropped freezing last night.

Alot could be said of the beauty of the area, but have to cut it short and prepare for todays ride into the state of New York. Tentative goal is the city of Schenectady. 


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