Day 4: Pittsfield, MA to Guilderland, NY

Boys were sleepy this morning. Night was really cold again with temperature to the freezing point again. Quite surprising to us all. State of Massachusetts kindly granted us access to clean and free warm showers. Quick oatmeals for breakfast before take off as late as 11 oclock. We really need to speed up at camp in the morning, loosing precious riding time, especially on fully sunny days like today. Not a single cloud on the sky from beginning to end. Still we had fairly strong and chilly headwinds, though not as bad as yesterday. Riding started with some moderate climbing for the first couple hours before we dropped from the mountain pass into the state of New York and the town of New Lebanon. 


Pat at the Kendall house put together our lunch today, turkey sandwiches and good coffee. She collects antiques and decorates her restaurant with all kinds of memorabilia. Her place is really worth a visit. She told me she is half swedish. 


We met Ken today as he came fast down the road. He stopped and talked to us. He is committed to riding 10000 miles for cancer, which means across the US three times. He looked good on this Surly LHT. His rear pannier had heavy tire marks after being hit by a car. Ken flew through the air and crashed to the ground. He lost many teeth in the process and spent 10 days recovering before he took off again. Ken shared some good advice for the route ahead and its camping possibilities. 


Crossing the mighty Hudson river into Albany, NY, the capitol of New York. The historic weight of this place is seen in all the beautiful buildings. I felt this is a place worth reading more up on and coming back to. The importance of the Hudson too is something worth reading up on.     

Carbing up on fish&chips and Guiness at the Parish on 388 Broadway, Albany. Great food, great service and great interiors. 

We didnt succeed in finding the free camping along MA20 as tipped on by Ken, so we resorted to the M&M Motel. The artwork alone was worth the $60 for the three of us. At least we got access to warm showers and outlets for charging up our devices. 

Calling it good now. We got about 85 km in today. Heading west along the Lake Eerie Thruway tomorrow. Need to get up and get out there early!   


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