Let me introduce The Riders

Per Walmsness: born 1950 in Trysil, lives with his wife in Vannvikan, a little town outside Trondheim. Father of two boys. Grandfather of two. Per just retired from 40 years as a teacher of music, crafts and outdoor activities. He enjoys hunting moose, xcountry skiing, cycling and outdoor living.  Per rides a Lynskey Cooper CX with a 2×11 Ultegra drivetrain. DT Swiss hubs and Stans rims. Bike built by me. 

Roar Walmsness: born 1952 in Trysil. Lives in Elverum with Ellen Marie. Roar retired last year after 40 years of teaching math, history and norwegian language and literature. Probably the kindest soul this side of the Mississippi. I think many students look back and rank Roar as one of their most supportive and knowledgeable teachers in their schoolyears. According to his bro Per, as a child Roar dreamt of becoming either a priest, slaughter or santa Claus. Obviously a child of great imagination, something that probably came in handy even as a teacher. Roar enjoy Yoga and fine wines.  Roar rides a Norco Ceres with Rohloff IGH and Gates Belt Drive. Bike built by me. 

Ole Christian: Yours truely. Most of you already know enough about me. For others, i am born 1969, newly educated a nurse. Enjoys everything with two wheels and pedals. I also care for spending time with Lynda, xcountry skiing, coffee, ginger tea, photography and organic farming. On this trip I ride a Surly Crosscheck with a 2×10 Shimano setup. H Plus Son Archetype rims with Schwalbe Kojak 35c. 

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