Day 5: Guilderland, NY to Palatine Bridge, NY

Boys finally took lession and were all up round 6 this morning. Per tried his best in putting the motel on fire. It looks good on the photo, but trust me, it got worse. Lession is, “For outdoor use only”. Motel was still standing as we rolled out an hour later. Though, judging from the smell inside and the general condition of the place…
We biked up to Schenectady to reconnect to our route along the Erie Canal Trail, an impressive system of waterlocks that connects the various rivers and lakes in the area into the mighty Lake Erie. All day from here we would ride along the Mohawk River.         
After a few miles along the river we met with Alan from Anchorage, Alaska. He has been biking the US for 7 months this time around. He is very interested in history and uses his biking to deepen his knowledge of American history. He is particulary interested in the major waterways and their influence of the developement of the lands around them. Such a nice guy to meet. Wishing him safe travels ahead.   

Roar had been grumpy and crying out for food all morning. We found this italian joint in Amsterdam that served us great food and beers to fuel our locomotion. As it turned out this place seemed to to be a Sawyer Fredericks shrine. The bartender Sarah’s daughter is even a classmate with the guy. I saw the boy perform in the finals of the American Voice, and he sure has great talent. The guy is here for a very musical reason.     

Just a shot of the Erie Canal trail. Lush green canopies provided some shade in what became a warm day. We saw the 30 degree celcius mark. Such a change from the past few days of riding in what felt like a Norwegian summer. Thank goodness, I would choose the heat any day.   The Prostate Brothers taking care of business.   Roar needed a fuel stop at Betty Beaver. She carbed him up good.      Camp Norway

Happy bros after having set camp on our 5th night into our trip. 

This guy, John, is our Godsend today. John, or Janek for proper is with the Canal Police and runs the show on the lock in Palatine Bridge. Janek was born in central Poland in 1961 and came to the US in 1964. He grew up and still resides in Utica, NY, with his irish-italian wife since 31 years. He let us in some  good stories, mostly from this region where he spent most of his life, but also from trips to his native Poland and from time spent in the US Army, stationed in Germany. He even let us in on the story of him meeting the 14 yr old girl at his 18 yr of age. 4 years later they became husband and wife and had three children. He also shared valuable insight into hidden bars, carved into mountains along the Oswego canal, that was constructed during prohibition years, some still serving alcohol to this day. I would love to look further into the story behind this at some point. 
Meeting this guy is such a pleasure and a reminder in the goodness that lies within us most. Meeting people like Janek is what fuels a trip like we are doing. 

Yesta na yeden Janek!
In case uou wondered, the blue dot to the right in the map is how far we have gotten after 5 days of riding, about 85 km put in today.   

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