Day 7: Marcy, NY to Syracuse, NY

Today we have been celebrating Roar’s 63rd birthday. We did so by riding 96 km in the sun, temps in the 30s and with side and headwinds. Perfect way to celebrate a birthday.  

 We rode on the Erie Canal Trail, some on the offical bikeroute 5 and some hopping on other roads. Trail was at times very badly signed and with rough rocky stretches mixed with gravel and some perfect newly laid asphalt.  

  First ever boattrailer pulled by horse I have ever seen. The amish man was out fishing from his boat in the canal, while the horse hanged out in the shade from a tree.   We are now riding on the Marcellus Shale formation, a giant rock basin of the Appalachia. These sediments are rich of natural gas and a huge amounts of wells have been drilled and hydraulically fracked. This use a large amount of toxic chemicals and huge amounts of water. It has caused great damage to ground water and many people with wells near drillsites have had their water contaminated. There are strong opinions and conflicts of interest. Where Wizard of Oz was born. 

Apart from Roars birthday today was rather uneventful.  We are ending our day with a dinner to honor Roar and calling it an early night in a motel tonight. We needed showers and a good night sleep in proper beds.

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