Day 9: Baldwinsville, NY to Newark, NY

As previously reported, Roar bought a bike GPS yesterday and was therefore given the task of bringing us safely to Palmyra, NY. It was learning by doing all the way. Per followed running Google Maps for navigation.  The goal was to get them both up to speed on both tools, much needed as we will part in a few days. It was also interesting to see how both of the navigation platforms chose their routes. So far the Google-calculated routed have been more or less spot on. Google always amaze me. Modern day travelling means always looking for an outlet to charge up electronics. Fortunately the stops along the canal offer both water and power. Crossing the Seneca River. Todays riding took us through much farmland. Most the farms are of moderate size, comparable to Norwegian sizes. This area seems to have more dairy farms than seen sofar. In many places manure is being spread and crops seeded.  I am quite surprised that the seeding has not come further than it has here. Seeing animals is always a pleasure, especially when they are allowed to roam freely. These guys were chillin under a tree, a good choice because by then the temps were moving up good.   Cornplants coming up:We stumbled upon these fellows today, Dan and Joel. Dan on the left used to work as a bikemechanic.You have got to take your bikecap off to people riding the Zeus gear. Cisco, are you reading?-) Dan bought these pedals new in the late 70s and they are still going. Just repack with grease and go. Zeus was an spanish brand of cyclecomponents that unfortunately went bust in the 80s. Per obviously more fresh than his bro. We were all in need of some carbs at the time. Healthy food options seem a bit scarce in small places like Savannah, NY. We ended up with some superprocessed snacks.      

As you enter many American towns you see signs for the local masonic lodges. They indicate the great influence the masons have had since the nation’s founding and through to today. Many Presidents were high ranked Masons. The masonic influence in this country is worth a study on its own. We rode alot on the canalway again today. It supplied us with cooling shadows and helped ease the wind a bit. We also rode quite long stretches on the road. Almost all the roads have wide shoulders, but they can be treacherous  with all the sharp gravel, broken glass and small pieces of metal. You have to keep an eye out for what lies ahead, as you need to in life in general I guess.   Our camp for the night. This is Mike, he runs the show on the canal park in Newark, friendly and helpful. Again we are granted free camping with access to warm showers and laundryroom for free, courtesy of the town of Newark. We share the space with people travelling by boat. One group was doing a weeklong canalcruise in a rental vessel. Another group is actually doing the Great Loop that our friend Janek from Lock 14 was talking about. They are out for 14 months total and are travelling with the seasons, hitting the great lakes now as summer begins. They will go down the Mississippi down to the gulf of Mexico before winter. They are in a large seagoing sailboat and the mast is down for moving under the bridges in the canals.     This is Captain Kwak, or John C Kwak, of dutch origin, but an american since several years. He was an exchangestudent to Sundsvall in Sweden back in 1961 and could tell the story of their car ride down southern Norway into Oslo. 

Evening was ended by a late dinner with some good beer at the Corner Tavern. I even got to give Roar a big Margarita as a late birthday present. He seems to be catching onto the beers rather than his wine and now Margarita seem to have thrilled him. He deserved it, I tell you. We rode about 90km today. Rain in the early hours but sunny and fairly warm through the day. Tomorrow we will push as far toward Buffalo as possible in order to take advantage of the northeast on Sunday. Forecast for saturday is lots of rain, so we are wanting to find a dry spot and let saturday be a day of rest. With strong winds from behind we should really fly down the side of lake Erie. 

Enough of today! Time for bed!


One thought on “Day 9: Baldwinsville, NY to Newark, NY

  1. Hei! Flotte bilder , hyggelige mennesker du møter og flott natur. Opplevelser for meg og. Hvordan går det med rompe og knær? Du er god til å skrive:-)

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