Day 10: Newark, NY to Brockport, NY

Man, hard to believe we are 10 days in. Time is definately askewed. Great feeling really. Biking simplifies, clarifies, unites and brings you into the moment.  Its difficult to recall just what happened when and where. Forcing myself to do a blogentry each night helps memory. 

The days always begin with packing up. Finally each of us are findind the best way for each of us to do so. 

Roar, who usually is on the slow side of packing, is really getting his act together. He was the first one done and ready to ride today. We start our days with very simple oatmeals, prepared at camp. Then we tend to ride for an hour or two before we have an early lunch and a respectable cup of coffee. That instant stuff at camp simply doesn’t cut it. Today we struck gold, in  finding the Muddy Waters café. This place is run by Donna, a kind soul that serves good food and coffee along the canal. It’s nice to encounter people like Donna, with big smiles and strong opinions. Look closely and you may spot her take on Monsanto.   

She, as so many others have been disappointed in Obama, with all his big fancy talk and funny walks, often through a Congress dominated by obstructive forces. At least Donna loves her holy trinity, Bells, Onions and Celery. Most often these keep their promise, adding to good and healthy food.   Donna loves Fire Cider. That stuff repels wolves. Lynda introduced me to the stuff.  It is an old New England recipe for a health tonic, based on raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar with horseraddish, ginger and cayenne pepper, plus other natural ingredients I am sure. It helps you maintain a healthy gut, which in turn help your own body fight off any invasive forces of illness. The stuff is made in Pittsfield, MA, a place we rode through on out trip. I thought of going the see the people behind the Fire Cider, but it didnt materialize. Maybe on another ride into western Massachussetts. We need to get ourselves to Seattle, some faster than others.   Often we ride next to older parts of the Erie Canal, parts that have not seen use in years. They are taken over by trees and all kinds of animals, birds, fish and insects. There are plenty of fresh water snapping turtles lurking in these waters too. They can grow big and be a little dangerous. So can pieces of glass that gets stuck in bicycle tires. This was Roars day of punctures. Not what he generally fixes,  but today he was forced. This is knowledge any biker must possess. Roar rides a fancy German Rohloff Internal Gear system, which can be a bit finnicky to release.     After some good effort, work was done. Roar was feeling good from his success. As all teachers know, repetition is the mother of learning. A few miles down the road, the same thing happened again. This time we picked out several pieces of glass that might have been the cause. Roar decided to get himself a pair of new tires. We spotted a bikeshop in the town we ended up staying in.             I sure didn’t know Waldo or even where he was or is for that matter. But, we as bikers have to give it to the guy!    Roar is flyin’ down the trail. These settings are his favorite. He is not too fond of traffic and city biking.   Shale rock, common in the area.   Per is nicely seated and enjoys life!  As Norwegians we are often travelling to the country of Sweden for shopping at low prices across the border. Today we got to roll into the town of Sweden. It wasn’t much of a town.     Boyz carbin up real well! Seems like we are drinking our way through the country, one local beer at the time. Per likes his wheat beer, Roar favors the IPAs and I usually care for them all, but usually end up with ambers. Tomorrow is supposed to see some heavy rainshowers. We all thought it best to go inside for the side. We ended up in a B&B in Brockport. No sign of rain sofar, at the time of writing this, 5 am morning after, so I guess we could have saved us the cost. But that we didnt know. 

Todays goal is undefined, other than finding new tires for Roar. We will see what the day has in store for us!

Thank you for showing interest. Feel free to make comments or just send a little greeting. It is nice to see some feedback as you pedal, and pedal and pedal. 

3 thoughts on “Day 10: Newark, NY to Brockport, NY

  1. Hei !
    Donna ser ut til å være ei hyggelig dame. Dere treffer mange hyggelige mennesker. Takk for flotte bilder og få oppleve nydelig natur via dine bilder. God tur videre.
    Bare regn hjemme.

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