Day 13: Lockport, NY to Stony Creek, ON, Canada

During all the waiting we revisited the idea of cutting across parts of Ontario, Canada, reenter the US just north of Detroit and on  through the state of Michigan, and take the expressferry across lake Michigan to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This way we avoid the bad areas south of Chicago.  Several people we have talked to has made it clear to us that much of those areas simply are to dangerous, with a lot of gangs and random shooting and robbery. By cutting through Ontario we also cut away with some mileage. Good for us all, but me especially, considering my 45 days timelimit. The pros and cons of riding in a group, you have to adapt to the pace of others, even if that pace is slower than you prefer. On the other side the members support eachother along the way and provides added security. 
Both Roar and I had never been to Canada before, so it is nice in it self, to add another country to the list of places been. Needless to say we only get to see a tiny fraction of this huge land during the few days we will be here. Sofar what we notice most is how much worse the roads are here compared to the US side. Often there is literally no shoulder to bike on and the Canadian drivers are far less considerate than even the NY drivers. Otherwise the Canadians seem very friendly and hospitable. They have wicked strange accents though. The day was our first day without seeing the sun at all. The air was very moist from last rainfall and we started out with raingear. Crossing Canada was a bit awkward with bikes and we struggled a little to find an US immigration officer to talk to in order to verify our ability to reenter the US from a third country while on an ESTA visa. The guy in the booth gave the the green, so we have faith in his statement. If proven wrong I guess we have to make it to Vancouver instead. The Niagara Falls wasn’t much to write home about. Been there, Seen that. Guess as Norwegians we are a bit hard to mesmerize when it comes to natural beauty and splendor. 

We biked about 100km total today and found campsite in Stony Creek, a township just south of Hamilton, on the shore of Lake Ontario. Safe, clean, water, showers and power.  Even got to dry some socks!

 Nuff said…we are moving into Day 14, a day with full sun. Get to work on the tanlines today. 

Oh, Btw, Jack got a new hairdo…his long hair had been thinning out from all the riding up front, so we agreed he needed a trim. He was happy! 

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