Day 14-15-16: Stony Creek, ON to Sombra, ON

 We have been riding in Canada a few days now.  It has been a good experience. Nice campsites and very friendly people. Among them is Elaine who owns Pieriks Cycle, a bikeshop in Hamilton, Ontario. Roar had his mind set on getting new tires on his bike, especially due to his punctures a few days ago. Elaine took good care of him and had a pair of Specialized Infinity Armadillos installed. He might end up riding flatless all the way to Seattle now! He even installed a new and improved red taillight. Very much needed, especially here in Canada where road shoulders are almost nonexistant and drivers are obviously not so accustomed to dealing with bikers ahead of them.   Fortunately we were able to ride on dedicated railtrails for long stretches, avoiding motorized vehicles almost entirely. We mostly had to deal with large amounts of squirrels and chipmunks.  Don’t want to be killing any fellow travellers!    We have seen huge amounts of farmland, with many types of crop and livestock. There is a sweet smell of cow manure almost around every farm. Smells like perfume for a guy with farmer’s blood.     On this campsite we were robbed of precious hemp seeds and delicious nuts, by a nightly visitor. I woke round 3 in the morning by the sound of someone digging into bikebags and plasticbags. I exited the tent with my headlamp on, seeing two glowy eyes stare back at me.  

It quickly became obvious who was behind the robbery, the racoon, famous for their cleverness in their pursuit of food. At least we supplied this bandit with precious fatty acids, as hempseeds are a unique source of all the Omega 3, 6 and 9s. The racoon know what nurtures him!

For the most part Google Maps have guided us safely and swiftly through both the urban and rural scenes. But every now and then things get a little confused.     You have got to have your divine goals set properly!  Say hi to Tracy and Mark and their fourlegged familymembers, Zinga, a 14 yr old golden retriever and the Norwegian Woodcat, didn’t catch his name.  He seems to enjoy the good life. They all warmly and wholeheartedly picked us up from the streets and allowed us camping in their backyard. Clean towels and warm showers were offered, as were cold beers and good conversations. Meeting good people like this makes this trip so worth the effort and saddlesores.     Camp on the our 16th day in was set on River St. Clair in Sombra, Ontario. This river connects Lake Huron from the north with Lake St. Clair by Detroit and eventually drains into Lake Erie.  We are crossing the river tomorrow, putting us back into the US and Marine City, Michigan. We will ride on toward Muskegon on shore of Lake Michigan, should be able to do this in 3-4 days depending on conditions. 

All well with all of us. 


2 thoughts on “Day 14-15-16: Stony Creek, ON to Sombra, ON

  1. God tur videre. Misunner dere en smule. Frihetsfølelsen og nye opplevelser. Her hjemme viste sommeren seg såvidt i går, med tilbakeslag idag med regn og tåke. Men vi håper stadig på bedre tider. Klemmer herfra 😀


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