Day 23-26: Chicago!

We are a wee bit speechless! The hottie in Pink, sweet Sharyn, the Host of Hosts, the senior part of the Holich Sistah Duo, warmly and wholeheartedly allowed us access to her Chicago Old Town Studio! She has made such an impression in our trip’s experience! Mind you, us boys are countryfolk and for us to even to have Sears Tower as bedroom view is slightly unreal.    To top it off, the other half of the Holich Sistah duo, my beloved Lynda, knows how to honor our milestone of having safely made it to Chicago! That bottle did not live long I tell you! Perfect medicine to wind down from 22 days of extensive bikeriding! We slept more than well on our first night in this very vibrant Metropolis. Just riding out from Union Station and into Sharyns place in Old Town at dusk was a memorable experience.   Here are the bros resting on our first day in The Windy City.  

   Our bedroom view, straight downtown Chicago, with Sears Tower in the background, for a long time the tallest building in the world.   Even Jack was struck by the view of this great city. He even forgot to put his clothes on.   Time to keep the legs high. Resting feels good after all our physical efforts the last 3 weeks.  Of course Per is still searching for the perfect seat for his Tush. Here he is seeking the advice from Mr. Nyberg at Village Bicycle. Turned out he has a swedish father. Roar, normally a wine connoseur, is learnin how intimate connection there is between biking and beer:)    Roar’s breakfast view, with Sharyn’s thriving orchides.   We all are working out our ways of travelling by bike. That means simplifying and lowering travel weight. Another package was send home with stuff that have rendered itself obselete.   After having ridden through weeks of endless farmland, we have entirely met different surroundings.     I am so pleased to see that biking is so big in Chicago. The city has a very extensive network of bikelanes thru the entire city that allows for very swift and secure moving around the urban areas. I am lovin the bikevibe here!             If you are even slightly interested in bicycles, a place worth seing is Heritage Bicycles on Lincoln st. Serves you delicious coffeebrews and is passionate about bicycling.         Emily served me the best Cortado I have had in a long while, on the house for all of us, mind you, due to the fact that we doing the xcountry ride. Can  coffee be served with any bigger smile?    Now on our last night here, upon returning to Sharyns apartment building we are greeted by the doorman Josh and his sweet and mesmerizing tunes on his guitar. Turns out he has great interest in Gypsy Style guitars, as pulled of by late Django Rheinhart. He is also a big fan of Hot Club de Norvège. He told me he had sold several guitars through his online dealership to happy Norwegian customers.

Some doorman if you ask me! Boyz are rested through our days here in Chicago, thanks to Sharyn. We will make our way out of this big city tomorrow. Seattle awaits us!

Thank you Sharyn!!! Thank you Chicago!!! You are both wildly friendly! A peculiar and lovin Vibe in the both of ya!

Peace Profound!

2 thoughts on “Day 23-26: Chicago!

  1. Thank you for allowing us to follow you on this adventurous trip! We truly enjoy every leg of your trip and are looking forward to the next update. Take care and stay safe! Aloha from Britt (Turid’s friend) and family in Hawaii 🙂 (Too bad the bike lanes don’t continue out here from the West coast…)

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