Day 27-28: Wisconsin into Minnesota

I am too tired this night to really write much, so for now I will just share with you some photos of the areas we have been riding through the last couple days. I will fill in with some text tomorrow, teling you who all these good people are that are in the pictures. I will say though that we have been met with some incredibly friendly people here in Wisconsin and even the small part of Minnesota that we have ridden through. We crossed the Mississippi today, a major milestone. We split up today too. My friends, the brothers will go on in their speed and I will go solo from here to Seattle. I will try to speed up in order to reach Seattle in the first or second week of July. 

  Here we are riding on the Sparta Rail Trail into the rivertown of La Crosse, WI. A local dude guided us to Buzzard Billy for Cajun food and good beer. Gotta give it to the locals, they know best!      Plus good people are always nearby. We met with Alan and Trish. Turned out Alan is almost fullblooded Norwegian. Dont they look great together?  Earlier that day I had contacted John Wissing. He is an avid cyclist and takes pleasure in hosting fellow cyclist into his and his wife’s home. We met through the community of cyclist taking care of other cyclist. This was my first attempt at this way of accommodation, and what pleasure. It is hard to find words to describe their hospitality, friendliness, helpfulness and generosity! Their dog Sam was a real sweathart too, as were their beautiful daughter Alexa. Thank you so much, you are the best of folk!    John had another cyclist hosted too, Myles from Chicago, who just graduated from architecture school and was on his move to Seattle as well, looking for work. Godspeed Myles!  And the day after Per was in need of some help over his seat issues again. We found Smith Bicycles in La Crosse, a nice and friendly shop owned bu Carl Johnson. Turns out he is 100% norwegian, with grandparents that emigrated from Ulster on our beautiful west coast of Norway. Great guy, great help!          John even came riding with us the morning after and took us out thru the marshlands north towards Trempeleau. We parted here after a Guiness.   You have got to love his riding socks! Wisconsin cow pattern and norwegian Nisse!   

     These are some photos of the landscape along the river up to my campsite at Wabasha. First night without the company of the brothers. Sad,but there is a time for everything. Godspeed boyz!

4 thoughts on “Day 27-28: Wisconsin into Minnesota

  1. Well done! Thanks for the update. I am looking forward to comments on the various pictures, especially the one with the funny sock! Too bad you have to part, but I do understand the situation since you have a deadline. It is so nice to hear about all the friendly and nice people you meet, and I am thinking that much of it is a reflection on yourselves 🙂 Take care and stay safe. More aloha from Hawaii 🙂

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  2. What wonderful places and people you continue to encounter. I have to agree with the other comment, it is a reflection of who you are. Solo from here on…. I couldn’t imagine. But what a wonderful opportunity to reflect, to contemplate….and see continued confirmation that humanity is not lost as depicted in media. Enjoy….and safe travels to all of you!

    I see you got to encounter some of the Red Hat Society ladies! Gotta love their spirit!


    1. Hi Pat! Yeah, it will be a very different trip now, without my buddies. We had a great time together, riding and living closely together for almost a month.

      Yeah, the red hats were so charming. Sad I didnt get to talk to them more. They were such a lively bunch of ladies!


  3. Wish you safe travels when you encounter the remaining miles solo! You are never really solo as you have explained with the charming people you are meeting through the miles. See you in July!

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