Day 33: Barnesville, MN to Fargo, ND: 150 km

Was up a little later today, at around 7. Day started with a rather non healthy breakfast, but when biking is your business, you can endulge. I had some errands to do in Fargo and I knew stores wouls not be open until 12, so I could start a little later today.   Many of you know of my affinity for bunnies. I spotted this sign today. Unfortunately they were closed as I rode by there in the early hours this sunday.   I hit Fargo at about 10.      

I met these fellow travellers today, Carl & Michelle from St. Helens, Oregon. They are travelling to the Catskills in New York for a family even. Carl is originally from the east coast, but have lived for many years on the pacific coast. He is very fond of bikes and biking himself. We shared the craving for a morning black brew and we all found joy at Atomic Coffee in Fargo. I hope to meet this couple again! Fargo has the most beautiful bikeshop I ever saw, housed in the entire historic Fargo railroad station.   Here is Tom on the left. He owns this gorgeous shop and is a very friendly and knowledgeable guy. He has extensive touring experience. In the picture he is joined by Cody. He is a mechanic and put a new chain in on my bike today. I wanted a fresh chain as I push west. Things are getting more scarce every mile.     Here’s some random shots from the day. 

            My day ends in Valley City, ND. I need to shut eye. It has been a long day. Back tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Day 33: Barnesville, MN to Fargo, ND: 150 km

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed Fargo, and our shop as much as you did. It was super nice to meet you, and I’ll keep tabs on this blog to see your progress!

    Safe travels!

    – Cody


  2. Hallo again! Sitter her på haugen med modern på besøk. Jan er installert på Ringen. Idag er jo St. Hans-kvelden, temp er 13,6 og det regner. Ellers er det smak av sommer her nå, det går seg til. Fint med bloggen din. Snakket om at du kanskje kunne få noe annonseinntekter på den. Er jo fin for andre bikere som tenker på å gjøre samme turen. Hører om rosa-bloggerne her som tjener 1 mill i året på bloggen sin. God tur videre oc- stay safe. Lots of love from us 😀


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