Day 35: Jamestown, ND to New Salem, ND: 220 km

Eyes opened about 5.30 this morning. Deb’s brothers left early and Deb was going to drive the 160 km to Bismarck, with me in her car. Her offer from yesterday was still too tempting to resist, given that I was again going to be on the 130 km/h highway, in the winds. We were scheduled to leave at about 6. Deb has many projects going at the same time, and I offered her my help with some of them. After about 3 hours we were finally ready to leave. According to Deb this is not uncommon, somewhat to her husband and kids’s frustation sometimes..:) 

After about 90 minutes of driving we reached Bismarck and we parted at the gas station. 
  I did a fairly big lunch and a couple really good local  beers at Blarney Stone, an Irish pub, recommended by Deb. I was able to sit down and do some blogging, before I got on the bike and rolled west. I had modest ambitions for the day in terms of biking miles. I ended up doing a shy 70 km as I reached the township of New Salem. Again there was rain and thunder in the forecast, so I figured the best decision would be to end my day here.  

 Coming into town I came across Cowboy Camp, a gathering for kids that want to learn rodeo and horsebackriding. As you can see, the attire is high Wranglers, boots and hats, for old seasoned, and young aspiring cowboys alike.       


 The local motel had no vacancies, so I found this shelter for myself and my bike. What I perfect place to end the day! I am well over half way in now. Should be entering Badlands soon. 

Here’s some photos towards the end of my day on the prairie.  


3 thoughts on “Day 35: Jamestown, ND to New Salem, ND: 220 km

  1. Those rainbow photos exude time lapse. Space with the hugest of open skies! Quite spectacular…I’d love to go to the Rodeo learning camp. Cooleo


  2. I’m hoping you write about your Dickinson experience! It was a pleasure meeting you tonight at the bank BBQ. Safe travels new friend!


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