Day 41-42-43: Billings, MT to Missoula, MT: 550 km

When company is good, it is hard to leave. So hard in fact that I stayed another day with Freddie and Chuck. Chuck volunteers once a week as a driver for the Meals on Wheels program in Billings. This is a community kitchen that makes and deliver food to those in need. This is a good way to help other people, and of great mutual benefit.        Chuck had 17 deliveries on this day.   The next day I was invited to go their friend’s 80th birthday party at the Grand Hotel in Bozeman.    

This is lively wife Jan to the left, with the birthday boy, Bob, sitting, and their daughter Connie and her husband Eric. 

The food was absolutely delicious and presented very carefully. Thank you so much Good People for inviting me along. 

          Here you see how smoke from the wild fires up north fills the area. I was generously offered to stay with Connie and Eric for the night. I even got to meet their fourlegged friend Gunnar, a 8 yr old Weimaraner.   Here are some photos from my ride from Connie & Erics house in Big Timber to Butte. I took the old Highway 2 all the way. It offered some real nice views of the countryside and into the mountains. Unfortunately due to the wildfires up north, the area is effect by hazy smoke. This makes it hard to see the really far away high mountains.       This level sits at about 1300 meters. Still, the farmers are able to grow lots of different grains.                 All sites of trafficdeaths are marked with a white cross.         It is amazing to see such dense green vegetation at this altitude of almost 2000 meters.   I rolled into Butte, my target for the day. Butte is a old and historic miningtown. There are huge open air coppermines in the area. In this part of Montana there are quite a bit of mining for different minerals, among them rare noble metals in form of palladium and platinum. 

Temperatures rose substantially through the day and made me really thirsty. In the local brewpub I met this couple, Chelsea and Kristopher and their little daugther, 3 month old Paige. The fourlegged friend is Kleo. There were another dog and a cat in the house too, but they didn’t pose for the photo. Chelsea and Kristopher generously offered me a place to sleep in their house, as well as preparing both dinner and breakfast this morning. Fantastic hospitality. I am quite overwhelmed actually by all the goodness I have been met with lately. One doesnt see so much of this from strangers you meet back home in Norway.  I left their house early today, after a nice breakfast. I need to get to Missoula, preferably by sundown, about 200 km away.  The ride is fairly flat, so I should be able to pull it off, unless the heat get me. 


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