Day 44: 4th of July in Missoula, Montana

Many of you know me as a farmboy that is not shy of cowdung, the sound of large diesels and grunting sounds of pigs.  After riding for weeks in surroundings dominated by country style livin’, with all that that implies, in form of huge Cummins powered pickup trucks, high (really High) Wrangler jeans, cowboy boots and beltbuckles the size of dinner plates, it’s nice to roll into the town of Missoula, where they care for values other than the aforementioned, in form of Matters of the brain and scholary traditions. And, in any place where brains are in use, Bicycles!! Missoula has a thriving bicycle scene, with lots of effort put in to bring that forward. You’ll spot moms hauling kids in large trailers or businesswomen pulling their produce along in cargotrailers on wheels. A little Miracle in this huge rugged Highland called Montana.   They all look fairly stoned I know, and I guess there is little  wrong with that, they for sure seem to be having their moments of bliss and are in no command to hurt one another.  Afterall Montana is known for their high quality marijuhana. They were among the first states to legalize the medical use of this ancient herb of so many interesting uses, other than chillin’.   Every weekend Missoula has a Farmers Market going on underneath the bridge, as did they today on their National Day of July 4th. Among the good people sharing their hopes for the future and edibles, were the beautiful Montana Mamas and their custom scones! “Everybody must get sconed” is their motto! Gotta love the vibe!  Of equal caliber was Michael Dean and his hindu inspired trailmix of different grains and seeds all mixed with honey and Camelina oil. Camelina is apparently very healthy and common in ancient eastern Europe. Michael sources his Camelina from a small local community of organic Camelina farmers! Music to my ears! Love this stuff!

  Lotsa good stuff goin on here in Missoula, as you can see! In this local joint they pay homage to the Bison, the guns that helped do away with them and the hard drinks that helped people cope with the drama, then and now. 

      In one of the local bars I get talking to Zachary, almost fullblooded Danish. A real good guy to chat with, that shared alot of insight into many things Montana, among the fact that the University of Missoula being the first major school in the country that offered access to higher education to people regardless of their socioeconomic status. This had people from North Dakota and Montana send their kids here, in hopes for a better future for their offspring, apart from their own hardship of homesteading in a rather barren climate, with extreme summers and equally extreme winters. A place where you had to rely on your fellow human being for survival. At age 32, Zach comes down as a being with lots of wisdom and humor. He told me the three states of Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota is populary known as Mondana, Norway Dakota and Minnesweden. According to Zach, Montana folk is the tallest, the happiest and the longest living in the Great United States, so there must be some good things going on here. Missoulians and yours truelly resorted to the river today for a much needed cooldown. Meter today was showing a good 97 degree Fahrenheit. I am literally and in other ways really warming up to this place.    Wishing you Peace Profound! Happy 4th of July!

One thought on “Day 44: 4th of July in Missoula, Montana

  1. Hi oc 😀 Herlig siste foto denne gang. Godt å se kun deg, in good shape og smilende. Fint sjegg også, har vel aldri vist deg med så mye av det? Flott blogg du lager, fine fotos og åpenbart masse hyggelige folk du møter. En reise for livet dette! Tusen takk for hyggelig hilsen igår i forb. med Maia. Sårt savn vil nok være der lenge, men vi kjenner også på en fri følelse, etter 25 års samliv med hunder. Maia har fått en fin grav her hjemme sammen med de to andre som gikk foran. Ønsker deg trygg tur tilbake til Lynda og gode dager sammen med henne! Og selvsagt velkommen tilbake til gamlelandet. Mange klemmer fra meg:-D


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