Day 47: Missoula, MT to De Borgia, MT: 160 km

I was up around 6 am this morning, an hour later than I aimed for. I guess Jack Daniels kept the brothers and I busy for a bit longer than so. Anyway it was nice to celebrate a bit with the brothers. I will not see them now until we all meet back in Norway in late fall. After a tiny breakfast at the Motel we all stayed at, I was out on the road at 7 am. Temperatures were in the 60s Fahrenheit moving into about 90 Fahrenheit at the height of the day. All in all a comfortable day of riding. I started out on the frontage roads but soon went out on the interstate highway, as it is way straighter, legal and most often quite safe, and in ways safer than the smaller roads. 


  In the tiny town of Alberton I met this beautiful group of people, Karen and her grandchildren Shay  and Willah. Karen is an avid biker herself and enjoys endurance rides. She was born and raised in Pennsylvania, but loves Montana and all the values that follows his place, with its conservative and yet liberal values. People in Montana don’t mess around. They just want to be left alone living their Montana lives and not be dictated by politicians fron outatown.   Karen runs the second hand bookstore in town. Nice place that I wished I had time to spend with. 
  Karen guided me to the best foodplace in town, (the only one really). The food was excellent and hit the spot perfectly.   
After that plate of food I was ready to head on out into the mountains ahead. The riding was done both on the interstate highway and on smaller roads, often along the pretty St. Regis River.   
  The forestfires up north are still feeding a lot of smoke into the area. 

After a few hours of riding I rolled into the town of Superior. Not a big place, but it has its bars, motels, shops and of course its Masonic Lodge. This one being among the smaller and less extravagant one I have seen sofar.   
  It’s telling that firedanger in indicated as extreme. All over you see sign of fires that have raged the area and marred the trees. It’s amazing to see some of the pine trees that are capable of withstanding the fires.   In the local bar I met with this gentleman by the name of Dennis. I thought he looked Finnish, but it turns out he is as Norwegian as it can get. An interesting guy to chat with. He enjoys his whiskey on the rocks and fortunately for him he only lives a few blocks away.
  As some of you know I have been very happy with the routing that Google Maps have suggested for me. Today was really the first day where I could not  quite consign to those choices. Google had me go on a railtrail, that was by far as developed as some of the other ones I have ridden on this trip. It was a rather rough 35 km until I got off and back onto the I90.

   Not far from where I reentered I found my home for the night, The Black Diamond guest ranch. I was welcomed by a friendly group of people, all residing and working on the premises. They had me over for some beers and drinks around the campfire. It sure was good company and alot of stories were shared. I am so humbled by being included in the way I am. Unfortunately I did not do any photos of these good people, so you’ll have to trust my words as to how well they treated me. I wish them the best for the future with their new business and new places to live for the future. 


One thought on “Day 47: Missoula, MT to De Borgia, MT: 160 km

  1. Hei igjen!
    Nå er nettet tilbake heldigvis. Ser at du har rike opplevelser. For en eventyrlig verden du reiser igjennom. Gode bilder og tekst som gjør det mulig å delta i reisen din. Flott og rik natur. Praktfullt alt ihop. God tur videre my dear brother:-)


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