Day 48: De Borgia, MT to Harrison, ID: 140 km

I woke before 6. The owners of the campground allowed me to sleep on the couch in the campground livingroom. Since I did not have to deal with my tent, I was able to take of rather quickly. There was quite a chill in the morning air, but I knew it was goint to be a hot day eventually.    Not so long after De Borgia I came into Haugan, a little dot on the map with a gas station, a truck rest area and a casino. They had an ATM for me to get some needed cash. I started out with a coffee to go with some energybars. 
  After about 50 km I had climbed up to Lookout Pass, at some 4800 feet. Not a gruelling climb, but had to be done. Due to som serious roadwork the entire left lane was shut down for repairs, giving only one lane for all trucks and car to come down from the top through. Due to this bicyclist need to call for shuttlebus to bring them down.   
  The shuttlebus brings you to the Coeur de Alene trail. This is an amazingly well kept railtrail that runs 75 miles from Mullan to Plummer in gorgeous surroundings, with forest, wetlands, farmlands, along creeks and lakes, and through small towns, one quirkier than the other.  

Entering this trail was heavenly. Not since Minnesota had I been on a biketrail. For the longest time I have been mixed up with all kinds of motorized vehicles in a noisy and smelly, but fairly safe coexistence.       One of the quirkier towns was Wallace, not far from Mullan. Wallace is an old miningtown. The hills around hide some of the largest silver deposits in the world, or used to at least, before it was mined.  As a biproduct of the mining alot of arsenic and lead are biproducts. Apparently Wallace had some of the largest bulletfactories in the nation and was making alot of the lead bullets needed to fight the germans and the japanese during world war 2.  

     Today Wallace makes alot more peaceful products, such as coffee and cupcakes. 

 In the heydays a lot of stuff was going on in this town, as if often the case were alot of men work hard for good money. Kind of what is happening around the Bakken-oilfield in Norh Dakota.   The Coeur de Alene trail is an investment into tourism in the area. Most of the mining is gone and the logging does not create so many jobs as it used to. The trail brings people in from many places and they come to ride their bicycles, as did Marlee and Mike from Spokane, WA. 
    If you look closely in the hills, you see roads. It is absolutely amazing to see the big loggingtrucks make their way up and down. Not for the rookie drivers for sure. 

I was warned of moose on the trail, especially further down the trail, around Harrison. And the warnings were in place. I almost was run over by a big female moose today. Quite an experience really.  

 I ended my day, after about 150 km of riding, on the lake ine Harrison. I even went swimming in the nice water. Perfect way of cooling down after a long day in the sun. I met another biker here too, Matt from Berkeley, CA. 


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