Day 49:Harrison, ID to Rosalia, WA: 75 km

Biking today started at around 6.30 am and I was biking along the Lake Coeur de Alene for a good hour, before the trail took a turn, across a big bridge and into the fur tree forest, leading up to the town of Plummer.  This was an absolutely fantastic ride, on perfect pavement, surrounded by lush forests, with majestic fur trees and poplars. I spotted a bunch of different birds I had never seen before. Such a highlight!  This entire region of Coeur d’Alene is a native American reservation territory. The picture below has some explanitory text describing the story behind the trail through this remarkably beautiful area. 
  Shortly after Plummer the landscape changed into something very different, more wavy, hilly farmlands, with lots of grass seed production and wheatgrowing.    These silos belongs to a farm coop sitting on the state line between Idaho and Washington. 
  It was a special feeling seeing the sign wishing me Welcome to Washington, as this is the last state I will travel through on this trip. 
  With all the land to farm, big tractors are needed to get the jobs done. These machines sports about 600 hp. I wish I could hop in and take it for a spin!  I entered the town of Tekoa round noon. It was a peculiar and interesting place. 

  I was charmed (very easily) into buying a few choclate chip cookies from this group of siblings. They had various homemade cookies and bread on sale to raise money for field trips.   
At the diner I met this young couple. They were quite interested in my trip. Shane, Jessica, Toby and Braxton. A sweet young family, all born and raised in the small town of Tekoa. Shane just recently started a coffee roasting company, and his business is doing real good. He wanted my address so he could supply me with a sample of his beans. I am looking forward to it!

  After Tekoa the landscape opened up even further and it was hilly wheatfields around me everywhere. Much of the wheat is getting ready for harvest soon.   
  Seeing and smelling ripe wheat reminds of the fall, at least from where I come from. It also reminds me of the length of the trip, as lands were still being tilled and seeds put in when the trip began in  May.   
 I had rather high ambitions for today in terms of mileage, but due to the intense heat I had to call it quits after 75 km only. I decided to stay in the tinytown of Rosalia. I will try to make up the time tomorrow by getting out early, but the forecast is for another hot day with temperatures in the high 30s Celcius.  For long stretches today my meter showed 42-43 degrees. It is fairly intense, also due to the fact that there is very little shade to be found along the way.  

And yeah, another iconic sign on the wall of an old brick building in Rosalia. The sign is from the days before they started adding high fructose corn syrup. Now these drinks for sure will kill us, through obesity and diabetes.


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