Day 51-52: Washtucna:Vantage:Cle Elum, WA: 220 km

For some reason I have not been able to relax and get good sleep in my tent the last few nights. My adrenaline is high even after having ended the days ride, making me extra alert and on guard for everything around me. But so far no harm done to me or any of my possessions. It’s all in the mind. 

Anyway, below is my breakfast of yesterday morning, moving out of the little town of Vantage. There were no other options, but I can bike a long stretch on that muffin!-)

The day started with a very long and energy consuming hill. After that the landscape flattened as I entered the old inland sea basin. I was told it would be a desert by some people I met before, but it was way more than that. Most of the way it was productive farmland, much thanks to irrigation system allowing water from the big Columbia River to be spread across what otherwise would be dry desert.    

  This photo shows how far the corn has come, compared to when I biked through Michigan a month ago. 

Further down the road I saw more and more fruit orchards and potatofields. Along the way they also were harvesting huge amount of timothy hay. Apparently their timothy is world class. It sure smells good as you bike along. 

With the more labor intensive agriculture as orchards and wineries, comes the influence of Mexican and Latin American labor. That yields way more mexican restaurants and mexican soda pop, that all tastes real good in the heat. 

  Finally I spotted the mighty Columbia River. Coming down there put me right into the strongest winds felt sofar on this trip. I am was coming down a pretty steep hill, and when I stopped pedalling the wind actually halted me. 
Crossing the river on the bridge along Interstate 90 was rather brutal. The winds were super strong and the traffic was heavy. No roadshoulders along the bridge. One of my scariest moments sofar, as a truck with a big boattrailer almost ran me over as I was making me way across. The rush that some people are in!?

A long day was suddenly made not so bad by the sight of this:

 The night was spent in the motel in Vantage. Lynda had called in and made reservation for me..:) it sure felt nice to lay down on a proper bed. Even the Surly enjoys staying inside for a change.   Riding out of Vantage along the Old Highway 10 presented some nice climbing, with some headwinds to make the climb extra fun. Afterall the ridge I was climbing toward, host one of the larger windmill parks on the west coast. Wonder why?-)

The landscape is very dry and barren, but has its own poetic vibe to it. 

    I stopped for food in Ellensburg and headed west  along the Yakima River. I am seeing more trees again. 
 In the distance I am also seeing the Cascades, the last mountain range to cross before I descend to the sea level around Seattle tomorrow.   Yeah, so I have one last day of riding left. From my place of stay in the town of Cle Elum, I have about 140 km left on this trip. It is somewhat hard to fathom that by end of tomorrow’s ride the trip is completed. It for sure will take some time and effort to process it all. 

I am saying goodnight to you now, as my day tomorrow starts early tomorrow. 

Thank you for your attention!-)

2 thoughts on “Day 51-52: Washtucna:Vantage:Cle Elum, WA: 220 km

  1. Fantastisk at turen snart er over! Abstinensene vil nok vedvare en tid. Kom deg safe and sound to Seattle and then back to Lynda waiting for you! Og ha en strålende tid før du er tilbake i gamlelandet. Mange klemmer fra meg.

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  2. Tenk at din lange reise snart er i mål. Fantastisk min kjære bror. Kom deg trygt til Seattle og til Lynda. Ha det fint sammen med Lynda. Velkommen til gamle landet. Mange klemmer fra din søster i Våler.

    Liked by 1 person

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