My name is Ole Christian, a 45 year old norwegian biking from Boston to Seattle this summer. I have been asked to do a blog about it, so here it is. I have no experince in blogging, so I guess I will just learn as I go.

This trip has been in my thought for many years and detailed planning started about 4 years ago. Finally the time is here and take off is tomorrow. My goal is to make it to Seattle in time for me to be able to return to Boston for the July 4th celebration with my Gal, Lynda. That gives me one day of travel for every year I am old…45 days…:)

I will bike with a good friend of mine, Roar and his brother Per for the first couple weeks. After that I will try to pursue a quicker pace on my own.

The total distance to pedal is about 5700 km (3550 miles) with about 35000 meters (120 000 feet) of elevation gain.

The route for the bikeride from Boston to Seattle.